"your health is our concern."

our lab technician at work...

Our laboratory is well equipped with modern testing equpments and uses modern medical diagonistic technology  to accurately identify any health issues. 

Additionally, our competent and qualified lab technicians complement our efforts to ensure a quick and smooth recovery journey. 


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Laboratory services

  • biochemistry test
          -Liver Function Test
          -Lipid Profile
          -Electrolyte Analysis
          -Renal Function Test
  • Hematological Test
  • D u Test
  • Covid Antigen Test
  • Anc Profile
  • Peripheral Blood Smeer(PBF)
  • Urinalysis
  • Cross Matching (GX
  • Dengue Serology
  • Typhoid Test
  • Maralia/MRDT
  • Hepatitis(Hepatitis B and C)
  • H.pylori Antigen Test
  • HIV Test and Counselling
  • Blood Grouping Test
  • Sickling Test
  • VDL Test
  • Pregnancy Test (PDT)
  • Blood Sugar Screening(RBS and FBS)